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Pineapple: A Super Fat Melter

New York housewife creates a dynamic weight loss solution

May 11, 2009- Joann Metzger tried all the fad diets and, like many, was disappointed with meager results. Rather than waste her time and money on another weight loss craze promising a miracle Joan Metzger has taken her weight loss to a new level by creating her own solution, unique blend of simple ingredients such as pineapple that delivered amazing personal weight loss transformations. After losing 43 pounds in a matter of weeks Joann is talking about how her Pineapple Super Fat Melter changed her life.

“My Pineapple Super Fat Melter supplements changed my life and I know they’ll change yours too!” Joann Metzger is talking about the incredible weight loss she experienced. Perhaps even more exciting is the weight loss that Joann has maintained with her Pineapple Super Fat Melter. Joann explains that you don’t have to stay on the product forever to keep the weight off. “Once your ideal weight is achieved you can take the Pineapple Super Fat Melter every now and then for maintenance”.

Pineapple provides remarkable weight loss benefits. This deliciously sweet fruit is an excellent source of fiber keeping you fuller longer helping to control your appetite. The enzymes in pineapple also help to break down the fat and carbohydrates in food. Armed with this knowledge Joann Metzger blended a unique formula of pineapple and other natural ingredients to melt away fat and keep it off. Metzger’s Pineapple Super Fat Melter contains only fat fighting enzymes without the use of any drugs or stimulants of any kind so you can eat some of the foods you’ve sworn off for good.

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