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Joann Metzger Pineapple Weight Loss Tablets Showing Success:

Metzger Products launches weight loss support forum to boost results

(May 13, 2009)- Joann Metzger’s Pineapple Weight Loss tablets are showing some real weight loss transformations. Metzger herself lost an impressive 43 pounds using her own formulated Pineapple weight loss tablet. Now people are pouring in their own success stories along with remarkable before and after pictures illustrating their progress.

Along with details of successful weight loss customers are also saying, “Thanks so much for coming out with this awesome product!” With all this success Joann Metzger decided to launch an online Pineapple weight loss support forum to further boost results for customers. The pineapple weight loss support forum is as an online community where Joann Metzger’s pineapple weight loss customers can post their personal success stories, lend and receive support and even have some of their questions answered personally by Joann Metzger.

Studies are showing that dieters, who take advantage of support groups, such as an online forum, can experience greater weight loss success. Dieters benefit from less stress when taking part of an online support group like the pineapple weight loss tablet forum as they realize they are not alone in their goal to lose weight. Rather than feel isolated in their plight to fight back the weight Joann Metzger’s weight loss customers can become part of a supportive online community all sharing the same goal. Joann Metzger appreciates that having a place to share success stories will help her customers stay motivated. The pineapple weight loss tablet support forum is a place where new customers can view real results and see for themselves that losing the weight is a real possibility.

Joann encourages more of her customers to take advantage of the pineapple weight loss forum to share their stories, ask questions and boost their personal weight loss results. As a way to increase the success of her pineapple weight loss support forum Joann Metzger is offering a special gift to those customers that send in their before and after pictures.

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